As a marketer or business owner, you’ve probably got a good idea which keyword phrases you want your website to rank for. You know your products and services inside out, and you know who your target audience is.

When it comes to optimising your website for SEO though, it’s important to know exactly what your target audience are actually searching for. There may be differences in how you refer to your products/services, compared to what users are actually typing into search engines.

There may also be more commonly searched phrases, more specific phrases or less competitive phrases that you might not have though about.

Here are 6 tips to choosing the best possible keyword focus list for your website:

Do your research

You can use Google Adwords to help put together a list of keywords you want to focus on. Using the volume estimation tool you can sense check what you think you should be focusing on, against the average search volumes for 100’s of potentially relevant keywords.

This will help to identify opportunities, such as high-volume/low-competition phrases that you might not have considered.

Be realistic

There’s no point focusing entirely on the highest volume keywords, particularly in sectors where competition for rankings is intense, as you may struggle to achieve decent rankings for any of these, and you will undoubtedly be missing opportunities.

Be realistic and compile a focus keyword list that balances relevant high volume keywords with low-competition and longer tail keywords to give you best chance of achieving page 1 rankings and the biggest potential reach possible.

Less is more

It’s important not to try to rank for too many keywords, as doing so will impede your rankings for each one – try to keep your keyword focus list to no more that 5-10 phrases.

Be consistent

Once you’ve chosen your focus keywords, make sure that they are used consistently through out the site, including in the meta tags, navigation, headers and throughout the content, where appropriate.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Don’t overuse your keywords. Make sure the balance is right and that each page reads well for your users too.

Review regularly

Regular keyword reviews are important to ensure your that focus keyword list remains relevant to your business focus, and the target audience you want to attract. They also help you to keep up to date with changes in search trends and identify new opportunities.


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